Countertops and window sills

Countertops and window sills

Granite tabletop

          Granite tabletop is a functional, practical and quite an interesting solution in terms of design for the equipment of the kitchen space. Natural stone is quite solid, reliable and wear-resistant.      A kitchen table top can become a key part of the interior. You can prepare food on it, that’s why you should choose a table top with a special thoroughness. All table tops are made of only high quality granite. The most popular type of stone, which is used for the manufacture of tabletops, is labradorite. Such stone looks extremely rich and exquisite when polished. Black labradorite has blue tints that look interesting and unusual, and at different angles a table top or a bar counter acquires new colors and tones. Another type of granite, which is used for the production of table tops, is the granite from Kapustin deposit. The texture of such granite is granular and strongly pronounced. Black and white flakes predominate on a red background, which gives a special character not only to the table top, but to the whole kitchen. Stylish and quite attractive table tops are made of Pokostovsky granite. The fine-grained texture, light gray color make it possible to create modern and exquisite interiors. At the same time, the color and design of furniture can be very diverse. No matter what type of granite you choose, granite table tops will look very beautiful anyway. Bar counters, granite table tops could be matte or glossy, all depends on the method of processing stone. During the granite polishing the table top becomes glossy, if grinding is used during the processing the surface of the product will be matte. Table tops’ face is oval, straight or figured. You can choose any type of face depending on the kitchen interior. The sizes of table tops have individual parameters in each specific case. As for thickness, we make table tops of granite with a thickness of 3 to 5 centimeters.


Granite sills are quite popular because of the excellent operational and appearance characteristics. Granite sill will decorate almost any room. At the same time it is solid, durable and lasting. In terms of a small room granite sills are more frequently used like a table. In such cases, the windowsills are made wider. Granite sills are often installed in offices, which gives the premises more stylish and ergonomic look.     Table tops, granite sills, bar counters are products with a pronounced individuality, so they significantly prevail over similar products made of other materials. If you need strong, reliable and durable products, then the products made of granite will be the best option. We will help you choose a windowsill or a table top for your home, office or any other premise. Every client is important for us, and we pay maximum attention to each one

Tables and benches made of granite

Tables and benches made of granite - a great addition to the memorial complexes. Due to the stability of granite from weather conditions, they are invulnerable to moisture, rain (water absorption percentage - 0.07%), heat. The strength of the structure makes these products immune from shock and damage.